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Alinea tu foto con el nivel de burbuja y el horizonte línea. Mejora tus series de fotografías con ayuda de GPS / red y de la brújula.
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No more skew pictures! Always take straight pictures with help of the spirit level and the horizon line you see in your display!

Improve your photo series by orientating your device with the compass and your location.
NEW: Create great picture series with the help of several different features:
* Save and load your position and orientation data in a personal picture series.
* Compare the camera preview with an existing image from your picture series (with transparent image overlay).
* Visual and acoustic feedback helps you to bring your camera into the same position.

Displayed information:
+ Horizon line with inclination angle
+ Spirit level with acoustic feedback
+ Location (GPS / Network)
+ Compass
+ Magnetic field in micro Tesla (µT)
For a perfect contrast you can use a custom text color and choose from two different layouts.

Picture storage:
You can choose a custom directory where you want to save your pictures, if you do not want them to save to the standard android media directory. Furthermore you can select between different picture qualities to save storage – and make even more pictures.

In-app products:
* Remove ads: All advertising is removed and camera preview is completely full screen.
* Upgrade picture series manager: Create unlimited amount of picture series. Select the overlay picture of your series and adjust its transparency. Set a range for acoustic and visual feedback.

«Take pictures and videos» – this is a camera 🙂
«Precise location» – to show your location and to save the picture with your location (optional).
«Modify or delete / read the contents of your SD card» – to save your pictures.
«Network access» – to display ads and get location information.
«Google Play billing service» – for in-app products (see above).

Info about the compass and the magnetic field:
The accuracy of the measurement depends on your device’s sensors.
→ From time to time it may be necessary to calibrate the compass by drawing an eight in the air with your device.
→ The compass works most accurate when the device is in a complete flat or upright position.
→ Avoid magnets and electric fields nearby as they influence the sensors. The magnetic field of the earth ranges from about 30 to 60 micro Tesla.

Enjoy discovering a new quality of your pictures.
If you have got any issues or suggestions, please write an email.

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