Dinosaurio Caza: Cazador Monster Dinosaur Hunter

dinosaurio juego de disparos, descárgalo ahora para disfrutar de la matanza en el campo de batalla!
cazador de dinosaurios: este juego está a punto de disparar a los dinosaurios de una manera diferente. vamos a convertirse en un tirador dino loco. disparar emoción, disparar de alegría. el FPS simulador más visualmente impresionante caza en Android! francotirador dinosaurio juego de disparos con animaciones realistas de dinosaurios. increíblemente perfecta controles y efectos de disparo.

es el mejor juego de disparos de los dinosaurios, descárgalo ahora para disfrutar de la matanza en el campo de batalla! seleccionar su arma favorita del arsenal! enfocar su fuego y liberar todas sus balas para matar a los dinosaurios de gran alcance! luchar con fiereza en el campo de batalla cruel, matar a los dinosaurios o morir! no quieren ser asesinados por estos dinosaurios sedientos, a continuación, hacer que sus esfuerzos para matar a todos! disfrutar de la matanza en cazador mortal de Dino!

– 3 diferentes misiones con diferentes escenas
– Controles increíblemente perfectos y efectos de disparo
– Compite contigo mismo
– Zoom para tiro de francotirador
– Supervivencia y rescate etapas
– Establecer registros altos para competir a tus amigos

Monster Dinosaur Hunter: Sniper Dino Hunting Game is a deadly dino hunter in a jurassic battlefield : this game is about to shoot the dinosaurs in a different way. Let’s become a crazy dino shooter. Shoot for thrill, shoot for joy. The most visually stunning FPS hunting simulator on Android! Sniper dinosaur shooter game with realistic dinosaur animations. Amazingly perfect controls and shooting effects. Enjoy the cinematic cut scenes showcasing the savage bites, claws and sharp teeth in this Jurassic Park!

Keep in mind dinosaurs are deadly, dangerous and attack you and you have to shoot them as soon as possible. If you try to shoot them with one bullet they will not be killed so you have to shoot them at least 3 bullets. if you are a real hunter they go in the mountains safari or Africa desert pick assault rifle of you choice and start hunting the deadly dinosaurs.

Carnivores Dinosaur Hunter: It is the finest dinosaur shooting game, download it now to enjoy killing in battlefield! Select your favorite weapon from arsenal! Focus your fire and release all your bullets to kill powerful dinosaurs! Fight fiercely in cruel battlefield, kill dinosaurs or be killed! Don’t want to be killed by these thirsty dinosaurs, then make your efforts to kill them all! Enjoy the killing spree in Dino Deadly Hunter!

Hunting will reach a new level when you find yourself in middle of a wilderness surrounded by the mightiest creatures that ruled earth in the Jurassic era. Take on the series of shooting & hunting challenges and get it on against fury dinosaurs like Pterodactyl, Triceratops, Tyrannosaurs and Velociraptor. Gear up with assault guns and let’s battle DINOSAURS!

★★★ FEATURES Of Dinosaur Hunter ★★★
– Different missions with different scenes
– Perfect Hunter: Amazingly perfect controls and shooting effects
– Dinosaur simulator: Challenge yourself by hunting the dinosaur
– Awesome game play with attacking animations and deadly sounds
– Sniper hunt: zoom for sniper shooting experience
– Carnivores Hunt: Survival and rescue
– Best dinosaur hunting game in the dinosaur games

Experience the thrill of being a real Dinosaur Hunter in the mountain & African desert. Dinosaur hunting is real thrill and fun for hunting gamers. Dinosaurs had ruled the land in the prehistoric safari mountains period thousand years before. There were different dinosaurs some of them were deadly killers of other dinosaur and some of them were flying dinosaurs.

Began your journey as the ultimate huntsman and kill untamed, deadly and fierce creatures. Be a dinosaur shooter to kill down the mighty creatures of the Jurassic era. They have captured a land and they plan to rave rampage on earth.